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This is a work in progress (about 90% of content uploaded, with some technical stuff to complete).
Slow progress, as I'm working on several other projects. Please be patient as I populate the pages and
fill-in explanatory descriptions. If you'd like to know more about a specific exhibit or would like more
information, please contact me through my email address below. 

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A Quick About Blurb...

I’ve studied art and design as an apprentice and as an art school student, majoring
as an undergrad in Western and Jewish history. I have taught in and written on
masonry technology, worked in law enforcement and volunteer in a security team. 
I've done this and that, but mostly work as a graphic designer, art director and a
technical writer...still, my passion is the world of illustration, which this portfolio is
mostly about.
      I approach my creative projects as a seasoned professional, with focus on timely
delivery, quality and transparency of process. I follow Canadian and American industry
standards and norms and strive for integrity and honesty...with myself and with those
I work with.
     I live in Toronto, Canada with my family and work at home and a rural get-away
studio in central Ontario.  

This Portfolio

The collection of illustrations and designs here is primarily intended for
publishers and art agents. Busy people as they are, I urge them to first drop by at
my Quick Look page, where they'll be able to see a small selection of work I've
chosen to highlight. 
      Because this is a showcase for my abilities, styles and range, and because part of my
work includesart and design instruction, I have populated the pages mostly with concept art,
studies and imagined projects I would have liked to have done while working on
conventional assignments. While I have freely borrowed company brands, book and
magazine titles, and public and copyrighted images for models, I own my creative work
and unless specified, it remains illustrative, educational and unavailable for
commercial purposes.
      Thank you for your time and wishing you health,wealth and happiness,

Blessings and b'shalom,


Avi Barzel, Toronto 


I'm not a big fan of the current trends in "minimalism," which with the exception of some
genuinely excellent  work, tends to be a cover for lack of artistic and technical skills.
I'm by nature an academic traditionalist with a taste for exceptional cutting-edge art, 
but who lives mostly in the vintage past. 
      Having trained and apprenticed with remarkable artists in Prague and Vienna, and at
an excellent visual arts school in Toronto, I find it hard to don blinders and to go merrily
along with the fads and styles churned out in fly-by-night design and IT e-sweatshops
which dominate the mid-level advertising arts industry. 
     As a digital artist I have been inspired and owe a debt of gratitude to the work of people
like Bill Domonkos, Max McNeil, Jeff Wilt, Mark Lundquist, Madika Iwabuchi and Hikaru
Mochizuki, Nicholas Wittenberg, and of course, Miika Saksi, among many others.
Along with the contemporaneous gems I continue to come across, the  work which fired
up my imagination and spurred me to add Photoshop, Corel Paint and other digital media to my
pencils, oils and brushes is Daniel Donnelly's inimitable 1998 book,  
Cutting Edge Web Design: The Next Generation, by Rockport Publishers of Gloucester,
Massachusetts. A big thank you to all.